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Best Trainers for Women: Trends, High Street, Designer and More

Trainers are having a fashion moment, and we're not talking about gym-wear.

best trainers

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Gone are the days of boring, uninspired sports uniforms. With designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Raf Simons dressing up sports shoes and athleisure on the tip of everyone’s tongues, it’s safe to say that trainers are officially here to stay.

We’re surprised it took this long – they’re comfortable, affordable and are an easy way to dress down an outfit without sacrificing style. While they’ve generally been a favourite of the urban style crew, big retailers like H&M, Zara and more have been gradually introducing slick new versions into their stores and everybody owns at least one pair now. They go with almost everything – jeans, cropped trousers, summer dresses – and take all the fuss out of choosing what to wear first thing in the morning.

Best Fashion Trainers

As with the rest of the fashion world, footwear isn’t impervious to the ebb and flow of trends. Pastel shades – including the inevitable millennial pink – bring a softness and femininity to classic shapes, making them the perfect addition to a denim dress or full skirt. There’s also been a lot of buzz around metallics in rose golds, silvers and gold lame, which will give you a reason to work on that fancy footwork. When in doubt however, you can never go wrong with a classic white sneak.

While sleek, monochromatic trainers are definitely having their day, it’s worth being a little adventurous this season as velvet uppers and over the top embellishments have joined the ranks of stylish footwear. If you’re not about that glam life, trainers with a perforated hole upper are a great way to add subtle intrigue to otherwise simple footwear.

best trainers for women

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