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Nike Free Flyknit Run at the Nike Vault

Nike Free Flyknit Run at the Nike Vault[VIDEO] CraveOnline's Nash Herrington heads to Downtown LA to get in shape with fellow Los Angelenos at the Nike Vault.

Nash Herrington

by Nash HerringtonAug 9th, 2013



It's time to get in shape!  Well, anytime is a good time to get in shape, but we're in the last half of summer and the holidays are sneaking closer and closer.  Better to get a head start and not have to play catch up once you've stuffed yourself with Halloween candy and a Turducken.

I had the chance to hang out with some fellow Los Angelenos at the Nike Vault in Downtown Los Angeles to check out their brand new Nike Free Flyknit shoes.



They're lightweight, compress snuggly around your foot and the slatted sole provides a high level of flexibility.

For more detailed info on the new Nike Free Flyknit shoes, you can visit the Nike Website.

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